Malaria Vaccine

Malaria affects between 154 million and 289 million people worldwide. Mosquitos are the main transmitters of malaria. Malaria is most common in Africa, South America and Asia. No one ever becomes fully immune to malaria. Malaria symptoms are fever, chills, muscle aches and vomiting.  Severe cases of malaria include confusion, seizures, anaemia, kidney failure and comas if not treated immediately. Ways of preventing malaria include taking anti-malaria medication, using mosquito lotion or spray or sleeping under a permethrin treated bed net.

By Johnny Burns 3W



One thought on “MALARIA VACCINE

  1. This is a very good introduction to malaria, Johnny. If you, or the person who was working with you, could get some details about the potential cure that was mentioned in the newspapers last week, that would be great. Keep up the work, well done.

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