Secondary schools face the prospect of major disruption after a teachers’ union rejected pay cuts – backing up their decision with a threat of industrial action, including a strike, while primary teachers accepted it some months ago.

Around 475 schools in both the voluntary secondary and community and comprehensive sectors were bracing themselves for classroom chaos.

The Government took a hard line and introduced legislation to be impose cuts fromJuly 1 if unions did not sign up.  Their decision will see teachers on different pay scales for the first time in over 40 years.

ASTI members will be subject to a three-year freeze on increments that will have lifelong impact on their pay and pension.

At the debate on the threatened teacher’s strike, Ruairí Quinn said: “Asti had the summer to reflect on where they were and their members. They took a decision. The consequences of that decision they now themselves have to analyse and to look at. It is for them to decide what is in their best interest and the interest of the schools. I will await what they have to say to ourselves.”


One thought on “TEACHER’S STRIKE

  1. This is a good piece, however, did it come straight from a newspaper article? If it did, it is important to put in the reference of the newspaper, journalist and date. It would also be useful to lay out the arguments for and against the strike, similar to that of the doctor’s strike and any specific figures or details of the proposals, if they can be found. Well done on this piece, but there are a few things to add to it.

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