I don’t think the senate should be abolished. I think that the Dail would have too much power if the senate was abolished because there would be nobody to delay bills that might not be a good idea to pass. I think it is good that the senate can make there be a referendum about a bill and if the senate was abolished the people would not be able to have a say about some issues that they would have been able to. I think that if the government need the money that abolishing the senate would save, then they should have lower salaries and save the money that way.


One thought on “VOTE NO?

  1. Very good. You have raised some good points in this post. Most importantly, the idea that the Seanad acts as a control on the government. It is good that you responded to the plan to save money also. This is an important part or arguing your point – responding to the claims of the other side. Well done.

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